pharm-analyt Expanding Lab Capacities!

Sunday, 01 April 2012 More News

Several months of well-filled order backlog have led to re-assess our workflow, in order to maintain one of our most valued attributes: FLEXIBILITY.

To our general surprise the greatest demand wasn´t more upscale mass-spec-equipment, but simply lab space. Space for optimized workflow, space for optimized sample preparation, space for experimental, investigational work.

But the generic growth of the recent 25 years certainly had not left much void surface at our site. Considerably much space had been taken up by our archive-domain, space filled over the years with GLP retention documents (especially from times before electronic archiving).

Externalising the archive
External space in the near neighbourhood was adapted to GLP archiving requirements and the entire archive was moved across the road, yielding “new land” at our facility!

The layout of the new lab was diligently designed in regards to workflow, one of them being generous bench spaces, not to mention the additional capacity of lab infrastructure!

Last week the first actual lab-routines were accomplished at the new workplaces, showing immediate positive impact on the workflow!

Everyone is happy, as it seems!