Review over 2011 by Hermann Mascher, CEO

Monday, 12 December 2011 More News

Looking back, this 25th year of pharm-analyt was stamped by a significant workload related to anti-asthmatic APIs at accordingly low concentration levels. Examples are Salmeterol (LLOQ 2 pg/mL), Fluticason Propionat (LLOQ 3 pg/mL and even 0,25 pg/mL), Formoterol (LLOQ 0,4 pg/mL) and Budesonid (LLOQ 5 pg/mL) as well as NCIs.

Also determination of β-Blockers with rapid onset of action and concentrations of their respective metabolites in plasma were welcome challenges.

In the area of phyto-originated substances from plasma we succeeded to optimize a method by factor 40, which was vital to the process of the sponsor.

As to be expected, several projects addressed the analysis of peptides from plasma again. Here I recall the “highlight” being the development of a sensitive method for a peptide with a free Thiol.

PEGylated substances
More and more often we are also confronted with the task of analyzing PEGylated substances from plasma with HPLC-MS/MS. This year we gained even deeper experience with this delivery approach, especially in combination with complex lead molecules with a PEG.

Together with Prof. Andt Rolfs from Centogene in Rostock we discovered and patented two biomarkers (in plasma) for rare diseases: lysosomal storage diseases. Particular significance is given to the fact, that the markers have 100 % specificity and 100 % sensitivity. So patients can be identified and diagnosed as to the progress of the disease as well as to the response to enzyme therapies.

Again several project results / conclusions were well worth publishing. So we tried to slide-in some writing work between the busy daily routines, and submitted a couple of publications at renowned journals. Details will follow.

Thank you for another year of good collaboration!

We´re looking forward to a new year spiced with more beautiful bioanalyitcal challenges! Thank you to all of our sponsors and providers for yet another great year of good and exciting collaboration!