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pharm-analyt 25th Anniversary Celebration

News from Wednesday, 01 June 2011.

May 19th was the great day, when pharm-analyt celebrated its 25 years of existence together with staff and partners!

In the morning guests were welcomed at the pharm-analyt premises with the opportunity of a guided tour through the lab facilities. The tour took the visitor in process-chronology from sample-arrival, via sample storage, sample preparations to the actual sample analysis. There was a representative amount of daily routine to be observed as plenty of work had to go on. The tour concluded at the buffet in the courtyard, were everyone enjoyed the time of networking in very cheerful atmosphere.

The afternoon program commenced at the nearby Fontana venue, starting with refreshments on the terrace leading on to the sessions.

Prof. Markus Müller gave a highly interesting overview over trends and challenges of pharmaceutical R & D, followed by a musical interlude of “That´s Us”. Hermann Mascher rounded up the sessions by presenting bioanalytical highlights of his 30 years of experience.

The actual celebration dinner was served at the terrace enjoying the great ambience created by the mix of people and the great venue, as the sun went down over the picturesque lakeside scenery.

Thank you to the ones celebrating with us, making it a truly memorable day. Sorry to the ones who were unable to join us. With the photographs posted we hope to give a few impressions of the day.