Sufentanil and Ketamine/Norketamine in Human Plasma

Thursday, 23 December 2021 More News

pharm-analyt has completed the validations according to the EMA guideline for 2 assays just before Christmas 2021. Sufentanil with a calibration range of 0.250 to 250 pg/mL and Ketamine and its metabolite Norketamine with a calibration range of 0.100 to 100 ng/mL can be determined in human plasma. For sufentanil only 100 µL plasma and for Ketamine/Norketamine only 50 µL plasma need to be used due to the sensitivity of the LC-MS/MS assays. The assays are non-exclusive with the sponsor and can be used for other purposes as well by pharm-analyt, due to the low sample volumes especially trials with children are possible. If you need the determination of controlled substances, pharm-analyt could be of your service.