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  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “Cordial thanks for the good news and consequently successful conclusion of the study! Again many thanks to the entire pharm-analyt team for the great work! In case of a next PK study, we will gladly come back to you! Best regards“

    Mr. K. N. – Specialized Medium Pharma, Germany
  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “I must say that I do not remember a nicer and personal atmosphere for a science meeting than what we experienced in Vienna. Thank you so much! With the warmest regards”

    Mr. N. B., Biotech, Scandinavia
  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “Where else would you go for tissue analysis other than pharm-analyt?!”

    Mr. B. B., - Big Pharma, Germany
  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “pharm-analyt provided the perfect solution for our complicated challenge! Experimental setup, validation, tests and reporting were done in a fast and professional way!

    We were extremely satisfied and will definitively come back!”

    R. B. - Biotech, Austria
  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “Thanks a lot for providing this information - it looks like another good piece of work from you!”

    Mr. H. S. – Biotech, Scandinavia
  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “The only supplier fixed for the upcoming study is pharm-analyt, - you saved us in the last study!”

    Mrs. Y. R. – Medium Pharma, North America
  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “Chosing pharm-analyt has paid back manifold! I am so much looking forward to the next project with you!“

    Mrs. C. A. – Medium Pharma, Austria
  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “pharm-analyt has always given us a highly valuable answer to our bioanalytical needs in a timely and proactive manner!”

    E. C. - Tox Consultant, Spain
  • Sponsors’ Testimonials
    “Let me take the opportunity to thank you for the comprehensive support and the highly professional execution by you and the team! I would be delighted to collaborate again in the future”

    Mr. M. J. – Biotech, Austria

About Us: Curious by Nature

Founded in 1986, in Baden/Vienna (Austria), pharm-analyt was providing analytical services long before HPLC-MS was widespread. Since the beginning, curiosity has been the driving force at pharm-analyt to discover the interrelatedness of the subject. This understanding of the inherent causes & effects of biochemistry is what differentiates us.

The majority of our work today is based on mass spec technology. pharm-analyt is privately owned and therefore fully independent.

Nothing is impossible

Analytical Acumen – Backed by State of the Art Technology.

When asked about the secret of our success, besides curiosity, two more things come to mind:

- Vast experience accumulated over the last three decades
- Visionary investment in state-of-the-art instrumentation


Head of Departments

For more info on a person please click on the image

GMP Regulatory Team

Our Team

Due to low staff fluctuation over the last 30 years we are proud to have a team with an invaluable wealth of experience and skills. We feel privileged to be able to do what we love: bioanalysis and everything related.

This is reflected in the high level of ownership for the entire process from start to finish.

Company History

  • Founding of "pharm-analyt Labor GmbH"

  • 1992
    First GLP certification

    Introduction of mass spectrometry at pharm-analyt

    pharm-analyt acquires an API 3000 tandem mass spectrometer

    More than 50 % of the annual turnover achieved from mass spectrometry

  • 2001
    pharm-analyt is among the first companies in Europe to operate an API 4000 mass spectrometer

    Fundamental research on acylcarnitines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

    Development of an LC/MS method with a lower limit of quantitation of less than 1 pg/mL (400 fg/mL formoterol in human serum)
    Implementation of an Electronic Archiving System

    Intensified focus on protein binding of drugs

    Antioxidative capacity testing with different methods

    An API 5000 mass spectrometer is added to pharm-analyt’s instrument pool

    Purchase of LTQ Orbitrap XL high resolution / high mass accuracy mass spectrometer


  • 2010
    Strong focus on biomarker identification for rare lysomal diseases

    Two European Patents for rare diseases (Gaucher, NPC)

    Publication of book "HPLC Methods for Clinical Pharmaceutical Analysis - A User´s Guide"

    Purchase of the MS-system QTRAP 6500® with SelexION system from AB Sciex
    New Website and updated corporate design

    We added a second multiplexing unit to one of our MS instruments allowing for 2 HPLC streams on one MS detector

  • 2015
    New HPLC systems and new ELSD detector / Integration in GMP environment
    Additional mass-spec-system QTRAP 6500® from AB Sciex

    3 biomarker patents sold
    Implementation of PERSEUS software for structure elucidation
    pharm-analyt celebrates 30th anniversary!

    New CEO, second Qualified Person (GMP), ready for another 30 years!

    Strong focus on new biomarkers for Kabuki-Syndrom, Sepsis and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

    Purchase of the MS system XEVO TQ-XS with UniSpray source and UPLC from Waters

  • From an organizational perspective the most challenging year of the company, almost half a year of split team arrangement and new infrastructure in order to control the pandemic on site. In fall fresh air ventilation systems for both lab and office floor and air purifiers for all offices were installed.

  • After years of research BM1, a biomarker predicting a sepsis condition, was published under the International Publication Number WO 2021/239413 A1 on 2 December 2021

  • Certificate of GLP and GMP compliance signed in Q1/2022 by the Austrian Authority BASG, both valid until Q4/2024




Our Clients